Nubar nail lacquer it lasts!

Hi friends, I found a new nail  lacquer that is formaldehyde, phthalate (DBP), and toluene free. What does that mean? Well, it means it is a lot healthier alternative for beautiful nails. Nubar is cruelty free and was designed to be used in conjunction with gel nails for a smooth shiny effect that last approximately three weeks. It can also be used on the natural nail as I have shown here. The color on my toes has lasted two weeks now gong on week three for I am liking this color and to lazy to change it. The color on my finger nails I just did this very evening. One thing I noticed with this nail lacquer is that it dries very quickly and you don’t need to use two coats to cover the nail. In the picture below I used one coat of polish with one top coat on my fingers. Just for fun I used three coats of polish on my toes. The polish application was smooth and even maybe a bit heavy feeling on the actual nail bed. The colors seem to have a lot of pigment to them which I like (getting your monies worth).  Nubar can be found on-line at their website and at some beauty supply stores. The polish is a little pricey however, I feel it is worth the money for it really ad hears to the nail bed and and has such rich pigment.

Nubar indigo illusion picture taken one week ago.

nubar lacquer indigo illusion.

Nubar lacquer precarious lavender.

freshly polished and dried in 5-10 mins.


Rock Your Hair!

Michael O’ Rourke Rock Your Hair

So many hair product companies have come out with their own line of sulfate free and formaldehyde free shampoo however, not all of them work or make the hair feel silky and in control. I found this product line recently so I gave it a try on my medium textured curly locks. I usually wear my hair straight by blow drying and flat ironing but, the sale lady explained with this product, I could let my hair air dry, after combing and I should be very happy with the results. So I did just that  first, I used the Rock Your Hair shampoo, then followed with the conditioner which I left on for approximately five minutes. Then I rinsed out the conditioner and towel dried my hair and sprayed on the product called  miracle, which is a leave-in detangler. My hair detangled very easily, the comb slipped through my hair, I used my hands to crunch it into place and that was it. It really made my hair feel silky and the curls looked great when my hair dried. Rock Your Hair is safe for color treated hair as well as all hair types for it is paraben, sulfate, and formaldehyde free. The packaging for this product I find very appealing. It comes in bright neon pink bottles with  rhinestones at the top of each bottle, very cute indeed.

Note all the soft wavy curl after using Rock Your Hair!

Glimmer Body Art

Glimmer Body Art

Check out this very fun new vibe in body art. Glimmer Body Art is a non permanent tattoo that you can apply yourself, on a friend, child, yourself anyone who wants to try body art with out the total commitment. It’s fun, safe, and easy, I watched this being performed at the Las Vegas IBS Hair Show. For more information please see the web link on the right hand panel.

New Repair Treatment for Hair

Macadamia Natural oil

Hi everyone had a great time at the Las Vegas IBS hair show. I saw sooo many new products for hair, nails, and skin care. I’ve spent the week trying out some of the new products so I could give you all the juicy details. One new product I really am impressed with is called Macadamia natural oil for dry damaged hair. It helps restore the hairs own natural oil and protect ants that we loose by chemical treatments, blow drying, ironing the hair. It works best on dry, thick, curly, and straight hair. Very fine hair I would recommend using  the Healing oil spray for it is a fine mist and wont weight down the hair. Treatments:HEALING OIL TREATMENT -dry damaged and color treated hair, DEEP REPAIR MASQUE – improves health, shine, and elasticity on color treated and course hair. HEALING OIL- weightless spray ultra fine mist for fine hair. NOURISHING LEAVE-IN CREAM – texturizing conditioner for course hair types. please see the web site address on the right hand column for more information.

IBS Hair Show Las Vegas!

HI everyone, I’m so excited to share with you what I will see at the IBS International Hair Show in Las Vegas. I will be departing from California on Thursday June 7 Th, early in the morning and driving to Las Vegas for the Hair show, and some R&R. Can’t wait to show you what I’ll find, that’s new for this year for hair, make-up, and skin-care. Plus all the education from the best hair stylist in the world will be at the show. There will be lots of venders selling every product under the sun and some new product launches as well. Tools for hair care, skin and nails are very popular at the hair show  and I am ready to try anything new that will make life a little bit easier and a lot more fun. Tell you  all about it when I get back.

xoxo Jeanette

Sparkly Nails For Summer!

So while at CVS waiting for some photos, I came across this very fun long wearing nail color.  Confetti nail lacquer  in a color called pink confetti and a color called Fashionista. I decided to layer these two colors together 1st with Fashionista which looks like a pinkie tangerine shade. 2nd layer that with pink confetti which looks like a light pink color with multi colored flakes of glitter.

Confetti nail lacquer.

Nail in Fashionista and pink confetti.

You can purchase this nail color at CVS for about $1.99.

I feel this product is a bargain  let me explain how I apply all nail lacquers. 1st I use a base coat on clean dry nail bed. In this case I used Revlon quick dry base coat. 2nd I apply two coats of nail color. 3rd I apply a top coat in this case I used Sally Hansen top coat. Lastly I use Sally Hansen Dry-Kwik. You can use any base coat, top coat or quick dry that you choose I prefer Revlon and Sally Hansen products.

Lips, Lips, Lips!

Using the Just Bitten color stain. Point tip down then apply, when finished wait 30 seconds and build the color as you wish.

Revlon Just Bitten in Dawn/ Aube

Revlon Just Bitten conditioning balm.

So here’s the skinny on the new Revlon just Bitten lip stain and moisturizer. First I need to ask you think back into your childhood for a moment when you use to use markers for drawing. Using this product is a lot like using a marker, let me explain. When you use a marker you need to point the tip down so the ink from the marker can drip down into the applicator then you can apply it to the paper or in this case your lips. Please view photo. After applying the color stain wait 30 seconds and build the color as you wish, then apply the lip conditioning  balm. Overall, I really enjoyed using this product and it stayed all day long. A bit of a learning curve but worth the time when you need lip power all day.You can find this product at any Wal-Mart, CVS, or Target for about $8.99.

Finished look however, I didn’t build up this too much this time. Great staying power!

Pretty gloss by NYC, but is it 8 hour?

NYC 8 hour lip gloss in Ever lasting blossom.

Just tried the new NYC 8 hour lip gloss in Ever lasting blossom. It’s a light pretty pink shade that apply’s smooth on the lips with no sticky feel. I have used this gloss alone and on top of lipstick. It has a high shine with conditioning factors like jojoba oil and kokumbutter. It comes in many shades you can find this at CVS drug store for about $3.49. It stays on until you eat or drink for this is not a stain but, a gloss. I myself tend to be eating and drinking so I do need to reapply. I haven’t gone 8 hours yet with this gloss however if you are looking for shine and conditioning this might work for you.

Stila liner sparkle water proof liquid liner in Rock Candy.

Stila liquid liner is water proof, sweat proof, and every other kind of  proof. The color is sparkly,  perfect for a night out on the town. I found the application bit difficult because I’m not used to liquid liners. The brush is narrow great for getting directly on the lash line however, if you get it on your lashes you will need to use a eye make-up remover that is oil based to get it off. If you are interested in trying this liner you can find it at Sephora at about $22.00.

Stila liner in Rock Candy.

Summer lips are here!

I received as a gift the liplicious lip gloss called potent pucker in a color called plucked grape. It’s fragrance reminds me of grape jelly beans. It has a shimmery violet shade that tastes and smells like grape jelly beans. It’s smooth on the lips with a slight sticky feel. My son loves the way it smells and wants to wear it just so he can lick it off. It comes it many fun summer flavors like raspberry lemon, coconut guava, strawberry mango, fresh strawberry, fresh cherries, and fresh peaches. It costs around $8.00 and you can find this at bath and body works. 

My son wearing liplicious lip gloss in plucked grape.